I’ve been avoiding you.

I don't know what happened. I went on a spending spree between my last posting blitz and last week. I'm not sure on the total, but my Amex is now at £4083. That's a pretty big splurge. I can probably work out what some of it is, but a lot of it went on "disposable" [...]


Day 101: Ah crap

Dear Reader, I made a boo boo - a big boo boo. I have more debt than when I started. I've been avoiding you because I am very ashamed. Kind regards Naughty Person.

Day 75: I got a puppy.

Day 75: Debt Remaining: £29,215.90 TL;DR Movement on the debt front but in the wrong direction and we got a puppy The Good I am being very well behaved when it comes to groceries, this was a major problem for me even a month ago. I had a budget but I'd spend both on my [...]

June Budget

June Budget

Mrs Flubber Spending £50.00 Mr Flubber Spending £50.00 Mini Flubber Spending £10.00 Petrol £150.00 Groceries £200.00 Presents £5.00 Clothing £20.00 Health and Beauty £21.40 Spotify £4.99 Childcare £200.00 EDF £53.00 TV licence £12.12 Yorkshire Water £1.00 Rent £600.00 Mobile Phone £9.00 Cleaner £44.00 Pet £124.69 Debt £400.00 Total £1,955.20

Day 62: Nine days where I lost focus

Day 62: Nine days where I lost focus

Day 62: Debt Remaining: £27,763.14 TL;DR Lost momentum AGAIN!! I'm not using my usual headings as I don't think there is much that is positive about the last week - I've spent too much; if I had managed to keep a grip on the purse strings I would be £500 down on my debt. I [...]

A week away means a loss in focus!

Just a 4am interim post before I post my usual format. I've been spending again 😦 It's been really hot here in North Yorkshire and I've hated every second of it. It's definitely related to my weight, after all I have more personalinsulation. So I might have spent £150 on fans..... Plus the £35 on [...]

Day 53: Husband and I are on the same page.

Day 53: Debt Remaining: £27,763.14 Debt paid: £5,468.17 TL;DR Agreed budget with the husband. The Good Husband and I sat down to discuss our finances properly last night. We've had a talk before but in retrospect, it wasn't as in depth as it needed to be. Also, as he still harbored bitterness and blamed me [...]