Why hello! I’m Abigail, a twenty-something mum of one, wife of one, reader of many books and lover of all things food related.

I live in a town in North Yorkshire that unfortunately is known for its steep house prices – and lifestyle. I’d like to say I love walking, gardening, exercising however it’s just not true. I’m what you might call sedentary…make that continually static! However I am trying to make an effort to get out and about, mainly to lose weight and save money. I have many goals, one of them learning to knit, the other making my garden into the perfect vegetable growing plot.

I can say that in March 2017 I am very much a consumerist. Neither myself nor my husband are au fait with DIY or gardening and both can happily spend money rather than put in the manual effort. This has got us in to debt to the sum of £30,000. Yup, thirty thousand pounds. Our combined annual salaries only just tops this!

Despite knowing this, I struggle every day not to spend more money or and am very skilled at rationalising why I should buy something.

This blog is about recognising my financial failings, trimming the financial fat and paying off ALL of this debt by April 1st 2020. It’s highly unlikely that I will that target but “reach for the skies” and it might just happen.

I don’t expect sympathy for a situation that could have been entirely avoided, and I know there are thousands of other families in similar situations.

Time to throw the consumerism away and embrace frugalism.

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